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The mission of HCHC is to provide quality crisis intervention for Alleghany, Ashe, Avery, Watauga and Wilkes Counties [NC] and better the well-being of these communities.


Crisis lines in the 5 county area.

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Scope of Services

HCHC will provide crisis intervention, short-term counseling, basic needs, community education, and information and referral (I&R) primarily by telephone free to the community. For a fee, HCHC will also provide off-hours support. Workshops at conferences will also be done in exchange for a fee or continuing education credits.

Non-duplicated services include Pill Identification & Information, Community Education, and Drug & Alcohol Information. In some counties, a direct connection to the counselor rather than being switched will be non-duplicated.


4x4 Poker Run

November 2007 - see pictures from our first run and links to our supporters
July 2008 - see pictures and videos from our 2nd run and links to our supporters
June 2009 - pictures and videos from the 3rd annual poker run and links to our supporters
June 2010 - FLYER for this year!

4th of July Armwrestling Competition

July 3, 2010 - see pictures and videos. Huge thank you to Peter McGuire, Junior and Joyce Andrews and Robert Ellis!

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Informational Videos

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Our Board

Kendal McDevitt, Vice-Chair
Kerry Martin, Treasurer and Alleghany Board Member
Kim Bowman, Wilkes Board Member
Carolyn Holland, Avery Board Member
Sherry Goodman, Ashe Board Member

Contact Information

Sherry Cahn, Executive Director
PO Box 205
Sparta, NC 28675
336-469-8260 (business line only) hot-line not in operation at this time